Vodafone Audio Conferencing
How will it work?
The service is free to register for and customers pay only normal Vodafone
mobile call charges to use the service.
How to register for a meeting room:
1. Go to the vodafone.co.nz website and clicks on the Audioconferencing link
2. Click on link to “set up meeting room”
3. Customer will be required to enter the following info:
a. E-mail address
b. Username

4. Meeting room number (6 digit) & meeting room password (4 digit) will then be
auto allocated.
5. Details will be on-screen (with a printer friendly option to print) and a
confirmation email will be sent to the customers e-mail address. This will also
include T & C’s and instructions.

Setting up a conference call:
Your conference can be accessed at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
without any further setup or arrangement, and you can access it from any phone
in the world. Simply tell the participants of your conference how to access the
bridge using the instructions. (Instructions document to be finalised)
Frequently asked Questions:
Q. I have forgotten my 6-digit code/password
i) If you have given it to associates then ask them to confirm it for you
ii) If you have not used it or given it to anyone then set up a new conference
iii) Go to the VF website and click on “Forgotten password”, it will be emailed
to the email address provided when you registered.
Q. How many people can be in a conference at one time?
A. The maximum number of people in a conference is 20.
Q. I get the message “the conference is full”
A. The maximum number of people in a conference is 20, this indicates that this
number must have been reached.
Q. We all got the message “the conference is about to end” and shortly after
were cut off
A. The maximum duration of a conference is 5 hours and you would be reaching
that time.
Q. There is a lot of background noise and I can’t hear the speaker
A. One of the callers into the conference might be in a noisy location; you
need to ask them to find a quieter place or put their phone on mute.
Q. What do the little ‘pip’ sounds mean?
A. This indicates people joining or leaving the conference
Q. What is the conference number to call?
A. +64 21 711 800
Q. I can’t hear anything.
A. Perhaps you are the first or only person left in the conference. Note: When
you are the first person joining a conference you will hear a message “you are
the first person to join the conference” or similar and then you will hear
on-hold music until the next participant arrives.
Q. It tells me my 6-digit code/password is invalid
A. Note: You get three tries and then you are disconnected.
Q. Nothing happens when I enter my 6-digit code
A. Have you dialed the right number (sometimes users dial the number of another
service provider) Did you hear the “Welcome to Vodafone.” message